Founded in 2005, after more than 16 years of operation, Aston International English Center has affirmed its position as one of the prestigious, professional and professional English training centers for children aged 4-8 years. most successful in the city. With the vision of a generation of Vietnamese teenagers who are carefully prepared for their English skills before entering higher education, Aston's mission is to provide a model of training. Create effective English for children, focusing on three core orientations: Developing English skills - Developing soft skills - Connecting the international standard exams Aston is always effective as well as atmosphere Practice for children to come first. A generation of Vietnamese teenagers are carefully prepared in their English skills before entering the path of higher education.


Bring an effective model of English training for children, focusing on three core orientations: Development of English skills - Development of soft skills - Connecting international standard exams.


For Aston, excellence delivers services that exceed customer expectations. Aston achieves excellence through High Standards, Learn and Create. Aston has always set high standards for the services it provides. Aston always values learning and continual improvement. Aston is constantly innovating to provide the best and most productive learning environments.