English for Teenagers

Đánh giá:

On the afternoon of 11/5, at Aston 3T2, the first “Debating Club” was held.

Together with Mr. Lee and Ms. Julie, the students had a chance to join the club where students can come up with topics, argue with their friends, and raise their own views on the topics.

The club helps them be more confident not only in communication but also in protecting their own ideas, improving vocabulary, the ability to convince people of their own opinions on the topic as well as listening to their friends’ views on the topic. Aston hopes the club will accompany the students on their way to conquer their dreams of studying abroad.

English Program For Teenagers: Diamond (Listening-Speaking)

ET1A – ET5B12 weeks26 hours of FT/Course
ET6A – ET9B12 weeks100% with FT

English Program For Teenagers: Gold (General)

ST1A – ST3B12 weeks16 hours of FT/Course
ST4A – ST6B12 weeks16 hours of FT/Course
ST7A – ST10B12 weeks16 hours of FT/Course