English for Kindergarten (4-6 yrs)

Đánh giá:

From the age of 4, children can begin to acquire foreign languages and if exposed to English at this age, children will easily have a solid foundation to develop English skills the most naturally in the future. If you can afford, let your children start learning English at the age of 4 and you will see their English skills develop faster than their peers as when they become children and adolescence in the future.

Playground Kids (PK) is Aston’s special English program for kindergarten kids (4–6-year-olds). This can be seen as the first time when children learn English, and in order to create excitement for children and reduce the boredom of children when learning something so new, Aston has built a program with playing and learning activities. Specifically, children will have the opportunity to practice English skills in the classroom through many different activities in special rooms such as Smart Board Room, Broadway Theater, Hemingway Book Club, and Cinema Room to stimulate children to learn more.

Besides, Aston also highly appreciates the role of foreign teachers because this is an opportunity for children to learn standard English from the beginning and help children develop English skills the most correctly and naturally. Therefore, with Playground Kids, children will be able to learn with foreign teachers through each lesson, with a duration equivalent to more than 30% of the total learning time.


For children from 4-6.5 years old, max. of 12 children / class:

PK1A – PK2B12 weeks (90 minutes/session)12 hours of FTs/Course
PK3A – PK4B12 weeks (120 minutes/session)16 hours of FTs/Course