Balboa Online (American Dual Diploma)

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All summer study abroad programs are created exclusively by Aston Group for Asian and international students. Aston English Center wishes to provide students with an exciting and comfortable trip as well as knowledge expansion and soft skills such as social communication skills, independence, team spirit. And they can improve English when being in a 100% native environment. Surely after the trip, deep in the feeling of the students, there will be thoughts about the educational system and learning orientation that we parents will be surprised when it is shown from our dear child. Joining the summer study abroad program is also a highly strategic first step for students planning to study abroad in the US in the future.

In addition, Aston Group has more than 200 partners as Universities and Colleges, and also owns many schools in the US. The program is created exclusively and independently, so Aston English Center can organize Cultural and Educational Exchange trips to the US at any time of the year if there are enough students participating in the program.

Visiting famous places
Students have the opportunity to visit famous places such as Universal, Disney Land …

Cultural exchange
Exchange with native people about culture and art in everyday life.

Visiting & shopping
Experiencing shopping in big cities, famous places of America.